Braid Ladies Informal Competitions 2020

2020 will be considered by most of us as a year without precedent in view of the disruption to normal life caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. In this context the Club Committee decided not to run any of our normal competitions this year. However to provide the stimulus and interest of some competitive bowling it was agreed to organise a small number of informal competitions in the latter part of the 2020 season. For the ladies at Braid these competitions are: Ladies Singles (4 bowl) and Ladies 'Drawn' Pairs (2 bowl). Links to the draws are shown below and draws are also on display at the clubhouse.
In addition there is an Open Mixed Pairs event (2 bowl) for which a link to the draw spreadsheet may be found within the Men's Competitions 2020 Section.

Ladies Singles (4 bowls)

Ladies Drawn Pairs (2 bowls)

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